Kindermusik by 7 notes

Community Room, 121 Northstead St Scarborough

At 7 notes, we believe in every child's potential - we understand that while all children reach common developmental milestones throughout their growing years, they are also individuals - little people with their own unique personalities and quirks! That's what we love to celebrate and support, our music classes are always filled with joy and mirth! We keep our classes small so your child gets our full attention and doesn't simply get 'lost' in the crowd. We like to see what makes them unique, what keeps them engaged and what captures their imagination. Music brings out the best in children - it allows them to grow in all sorts of positive ways: emotionally; building language skills; executive functions (self-control, organising thoughts, logic), social interactions and of course, their musical competence. We support your child's growing love of music by offering group Keyboard, Private piano or Violin lessons as your children move on to their Primary school years. At 7 notes, we have your back - we believe families always come first!


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Our Policy

For a happy, safe and healthy classroom, here are some guidelines that we follow:

1. It is best to arrive a few minutes early for each class, so your child has the opportunity to settle down, perhaps have a drink or snack, or use the bathroom. There are always instruments or books left out for your child to play with before lesson starts.

2. Our classroom floor is always kept clean, so for you and your child’s safety and comfort, “Shoes Off” is always best. It also enables children to feel the music beat easier through their bare feet. However, we fully understand if your child insists on keeping their shoes on!

3. There are clean bathroom facilities in each of our Studio locations, including diaper change tables –please feel free to make use of them anytime.

4. We encourage children to stay home if they are unwell – we will keep you in touch with our latest activities in class, and you also have continuous access to our current Units through your @Home materials by logging into We offer families the ability to attend another one of our class to make up for any absence.

5. On certain occasions where you may need to bring a sibling along who is not currently enrolled in your child’s class, kindly please let us know - we understand and will always endeavour to accommodate you in these instances.

6. We love it when you bring friends who are interested in joining our program. Please contact us prior to class so we may prepare for their arrival. Caregivers and grandparents are always welcome to attend anytime!

7. In case of a Teacher’s absence due to illness, we will make up the class at a later date.

Finally, to get the most out of your class, please feel free to explore and familiarize yourself with the @Home Materials and downloadable music which comes with every enrolment. Every week in class, we will discuss ideas and share some tips you may have picked up while using your @Home materials from home. We always welcome and take note of your valuable comments and suggestions.

We will constantly update you on your child’s progress in class, so we can both decide when it is time for your child to have the opportunity to move on to the next level in our curriculum.

If circumstances arise which require you to withdraw from our class, we kindly request you give us 2 weeks prior notice. Your Tuition Fees will be charged up to and including this 2-week period.

We are confident you and your child will have an enjoyable musical journey with us. However, if you are not satisfied with your experience after attending at least 5 consecutive classes with us, we will refund your Tuition fees minus the cost of the Home materials, which are yours to keep and enjoy.